Creativity, Clarity, Happiness

Aaron has experienced some of life lowest lows, and highest highs, especially considering his businesses.  In the past 10 years he has built many companies, websites, bought and sold more than 700 houses nationwide, and running many successful, and un-successful business ventures, going from broke to wealthy, to broke to wealthy several times.  Creating these self-branding websites will help Aaron have a central spot to be able to share with friends, families, and colleagues which ventures he is focusing on now (it takes a lot of effort to constantly update his 30-40 other company websites), and share some of his ideas and knowledge for those starting and running businesses.


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Professional blog

Turkey Drop!

Here is a short video of our California team members flying out to Texas to meet our teams on the ground to deliver Turkeys to our low income... read more

Work Less- Get More Done

I’ve had the privilege lately to be asked to come speak to a few different groups about how I run and operate our businesses.  I try to use concepts from Tim Ferriss and Hal Elrod to work more effectively, work less, and get more time for living life… At... read more

Create Your Keystone Goal

It is almost time for New Year’s Eve, which means it is almost time to set up your new year’s resolution…  In years past, I usually come up with goals in several categories between health, faith, business, and family.  I create several goals in each... read more

Coaching in Real Estate

Years ago I heard about people that had personal coaches, and it seemed like such a foreign idea to me. We have teachers, we have mentors, we have coaches in sports, but the idea of a business coach or a life coach just seemed a little strange to me. In the past two... read more

What I’ve Learned

Since 2000, I have found myself desperately broke, and very wealthy 3 times, all while trying to keep a family together.  Throughout the years I made many mistakes that hurt my family, and my businesses along the way.  My real estate companies hit their peaks in... read more