One of my favorite quotes, that I heard was from Koby Bryant, is ” To Be Successful, you need to be willing to do what no one else is willing to do.”  I put in quotes, but I’m sure I’ve reworded a bit..  In 2013, Our business starting crashing and by 2014, we were pretty much shut down.  We couldn’t compete in California anymore and I was pretty depressed…  At the time, I also had a huge fear of flying…  Kaleena told me one day, that I needed to just go fix it.  I had some problem projects in San Diego and Orlando that were taking up too much time and dragging me down.  I started flying, while taking Unisom, and eventually got those issues taken care of…  Now, most of my business is in other states, and I’m flying several times a month..  A lot of people ask me how I can manage projects far away, and this video is a good answer..  It only takes one day to get caught up, anywhere in the US.